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Introduction of Methyl cedryl Ketone

Methyl cedryl Ketone (MCK)

CAS No.: 32388-55-9

Synonyms: acetyl cedrene; cedryl methyl ketone

Odor: Warm, woody, cedarwood, resinous note with musk undertones. Long lasting.
Appearance:Pale yellow to pale brown liquid.
Ketone Content [K-test]:>80.0%min
Refractive index [@20ºC]:1.5130-1.5210
Relative Density[@25ºC]: 0.9900-1.0090
Flash point :>100ºC
Acid Value :<1.0


recommendation for methyl cedryl ketone usage levels up to : 10.0 % in the fragrance concentrate.It is widely applied to cosmetic soap and detergent fragrances.Use level can up to 10%.


Packing: Net Weight: 200kg , Blue plastic drum(Food grade)


Methyl cedryl Ketone is one of our exporting big quantity product. The production raw material come from cedarwood oil. Many customers purchase our Methyl Cedryl Ketone in a long time. Because our good quality and very competitive price. If you need any inquir of our products,please do not hesitate to ask us.